Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Update

I went to bed around 11pm the other night, then woke up feeling refreshed around 8:30am. It's very bizarre for me since I haven't been to bed that "early" since Leah was a baby. I plan to go to bed sooner from now on, but with the new episodes of Dexter and The Walking Dead, it's difficult to get sleepy.

Zac and I spent last week purchasing and carving pumpkins, looking for Halloween costumes, and arguing with our own pumpkins about costume choices. James spent most of the month wanting to be a ghost, but at the last minute he changed his mind and wanted to be Luigi. He was less than thrilled when we bought the ghost costume anyway, but he finally came around and is excited to be a ghost, especially since we found a ghost Trick-or-Treat bucket to match, as well as a pumpkin bucket to match Leah's "Princess Pumpkin" costume... even though she had her own drama of deciding between a cupcake, a crayon, and Rainbow Brite. She decided Princess Pumpkin was "too, too funny" to pass up. I'll post a picture later.

It's finally cold outside! Halloween is Wednesday and I'm trying to get into the spooky spirit, but when one sees red and green next to the orange and black, it's hard to feel festive. Not that I'm not excited about Christmas, too, I just wish the holidays weren't squished together so close in the seasonal aisles.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Food, Fair, Fun

I attempted homemade gingerbread (recipe HERE), which smelled absolutely amazing in the process, but didn't taste very good (to me). It was more bland than I expected. I prefer gingerbread cookies, though. I plan to test different recipes in order to make another bread for Christmas.

Zac and I brought the kids to the fair for our sixth anniversary. It's been three years since we've been, which means Leah is the same age James was then. Weird.

Meanwhile, I got around the making the kids their annual check-up at the doctor's. James is completely healthy, but has to wear temporary glasses for his 20/30 vision. Leah is borderline anemic since she's a picky meat-eater, so I've doubled her vitamin intake. They both had dental appointments and no cavities and James' adult teeth are growing in correctly after losing his baby teeth.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crochet and Putt Putt

My fingers are numb and sore from crocheting so much. I've finished Jordan's blanket, but need to work on an identical one for Aidan. The entire project took about three days to complete, so I've got some time before Christmas to get started. The thing is I'm probably going to have to take Jordan's apart because it won't lay properly. It's very bumpy and strange-looking. I figured out how to make a diagonal color transition in a granny square, so I'm going to redo the letter part. I also found a tutorial on how to attach the squares as they're being crocheted, so I won't have to stitch them together.

This week has been nice. The weather is cooler, which makes me excited for fall. I'm still waiting on leaves to change colors. Zac brought us to Mac & Bones so they kids could play putt-putt and eat ice cream. I made a hole-in-one, which, to me, is super fantastic. James attempted golfing instead of putting and Leah carried the ball to the hole to gently tap it in.