Friday, March 4, 2005

And then there was Blogger... An Introduction.

Hello, Blogger. I'm Amy, a twenty-something art-nerd, living in southern Louisiana with my boyfriend, Zac. I've been blogging since 2000, but never really thought about what I wrote. I'm a textbook middle kid, typical Scorpio, and struggled with depression in my teen years. You can sort of imagine my old posts. This is my fresh canvas. I plan to paint it with positivity.

Current "about me" info, which I am not very good at: I like music, mainly classical piano, Celtic, and grunge. My absolute favorite band of all time is Garbage. I'm into mermaids, drawing, and reading sci-fi/fantasy. I hope to one day write a children's book.

My favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands and I have been watching Friends on TV. I try not to be in front of a screen too often, but easier said than done. I love taking walks outside and spending time with nature.

Where do I see myself in ten years?
Happily married.
A couple of children.
A few cuddly pets.
Living somewhere in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a view.

Welcome to my blog.


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