Friday, March 4, 2005

And then there was Blogger... An Introduction.

Hello, Blogger. I'm Amy, a twenty-something art-nerd, living in southern Louisiana with my boyfriend, Zac. I migrated from LiveJournal (after a brief experience with Xanga) where I vomited a daily dose of now-embarrassing posts regarding teenage angst, excessive negativity and so much drama. A new blog means a new perspective. I want to write about events that take place in my personal life, but I'm going to keep it positive. I'm hoping to improve my writing technique by doing so often and maintaining proper grammar and good vibes.

Current "about me" info, which I am not very good at: I like music. I'm into mermaids, drawing, and reading sci-fi/fantasy. I hope to one day write a children's book.

My favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands and I have been watching Friends on TV. I try not to be in front of a screen too often. I love taking walks outside and spending time with nature.

Where do I see myself in ten years?
Happily married.
Two, maybe three, children.
A few cuddly pets.
Living somewhere in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees or mountains.

Welcome to my blog.


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