Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Micro-Blog: Colic

Bud has been crying on a schedule for about a week now. Every night, around 11pm, he starts crying and it escalates to screaming. Inconsolable screaming. Zac will pace with him around the bedroom, I've rocked him, tried to nurse him, but the crying continues. His current pediatrician suggested Mylicon drops, but I haven't noticed a huge difference in behavior. He just spits it back up. Zac and I are trying to be patient and supportive, but the screaming is emotionally draining. We've started putting him in his carseat and driving around the neighborhood with the windows open. It helps a little, but I'm literally losing my hair over this new phase.

We managed to take a trip to Louisiana to see Mawmaw this month. She met the baby and got to snuggle him up. He's a great traveller. Not a peep the whole way (well, except about halfway in when he wanted milk).

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