Sunday, March 21, 2010

Graphic Pic: Ear

Marie babysat the kids so Zac and I could go out to lunch. We were also going to purchase supplies for a pet rabbit. Amanda (the photographer) said we could have a rabbit from the photo shoot if we wanted or she could give it back to the shop. James attached himself to the smaller rabbit, so we figured "why not?".

After we bought rabbit supplies, we were loading up the car to head back to Marie's... and then my earring got stuck on the upper edge of the car door and ripped right out of my lobe. My ears are usually stretched to a zero-guage. I could easily insert a candy cane through the hole, which was goal for the holidays. The earring I was wearing happened to be a horseshoe-shape and the incident happened so fast, I didn't feel anything but a cold sensation. I groped my ear, unable to find my earring. I figured it just fell out. But my ear lobe felt strange. I saw blood on my fingers and decided I needed someone else's eyes to judge how bad it was. Both Zac and Kyle made a face of horror and my first reaction was that my lobe was destroyed. I had a minor panic attack and started sobbing, mostly freaking out for vanity's sake of my ear looking mutilated.

I picked my earring from the edge of the door where it latched itself and called Dayton to see if he could maybe offer a solution to fix it without us going to the ER. When we got to Dayton's house, he told us we better get to the ER because it was worse than what I described. We dropped Kyle off at his house, then Zac dropped me off at the hospital so he could pick up the kids and bring them to Quinn's parents' house.

Luckily, I was put in a room fairly quickly. I had to take out my other earrings on that side (which hurt so much, by the way) and wait to be seen. Zac arrived just in time to hold my hand while I was given a tetanus shot and stitches.

No rabbit for us, this time.

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