Sunday, October 3, 2010

Church & Art

Zac and I decided to go to church today. There's a really huge one in the neighborhood. It has two separate parking areas and reminds me of Hogwarts with all the hallways and stairs. I signed each of my kids into their own classrooms and we were given a beeper (like the ones at restaurants) in case we were needed. Leah freaked out when we dropped her off, but when she saw a box of dolls, she was like, "What parents?" James was apprehensive about his own class until the teacher told him he would be painting.

The whole church was packed like sardines. I'm not very comfortable in large crowds, or sitting next to people I don't know. The experience was alright, though. It's the first church I've been to that said "You don't have to go to church to be a Christian." 

After church was over, we picked the kids up from their classes. Leah was happy-crying and running to us. Her teacher said she was so good. James painted a picture of a turkey and didn't want to leave yet. I'm glad they're socializing well.

I've been drawing this week. So far, I've only been drawing babies that belong to my friends. I need to work on more detail because the pictures are very bland. The first is Cindy's Evelyn and the second is Katie's Spencer.

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