Sunday, May 8, 2011

Louisiana Trip, Mother's Day 2011

Zac and I are in Louisiana for the weekend. Mawmaw had a crawfish boil for Mother's Day this afternoon. The kids played in the jump-around with Francesca.

James was upset that he couldn't keep one of the cooked crawfish as a pet, even though I explained to him that it wasn't alive and would "go bad" if we kept it. He carried it around in a napkin for a while, but started crying when he had to throw it away so we could leave. I promised him we would find him a plush one at the aquarium next time we go.

Francesca was trying to teach Leah some of her dance moves. Leah kept putting her hands on her butt and shaking her hips! It was too silly.

We bought a few snowballs from Clown's and headed back to Sean's.

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