Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anniversary # 5

It's mine and Zac's fifth anniversary, so I made a pumpkin cake to celebrate (recipe found HERE).

I've been without the Internet for about a week now, plus I did finally get sick. I'm feeling better, now, or at least my throat isn't hurting anymore. The kids are also feeling better. James' tonsils are still huge and he's been battling conjunctivitis in his eye. I finally talked to an ENT surgeon to see about getting James' tonsils removed and he freaking told me to wait. I told him it's been THREE weeks and the tonsils have not gone down. He sounds like he's talking with a bubble in his throat. He can't eat properly, he doesn't sleep well, but no, that ballyhoo doesn't matter to this so-called "professional". I'm going to get a second opinion because I know they need to come out. Mine were taken out when I was five and I didn't need to continue getting daily allergy shots.

As for my totally awesome job (because you're just dying to hear about it, right?), I love it. I love it love it. My first day was Sunday and I helped with a floorset. I basically took products from one shelf and moved them to another shelf and repeated that all the way down the section I was assigned to. I met a lot of girls who work there, all of which are so nice. I'm hoping to stay on permanently.

While I was in the kitchen tonight, I heard James yelling, "Mommy! I need help getting out of this Christmas box!" and came across the following scenario:

Tiny amazon woman in the making.

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