Monday, September 3, 2012

Homeschooling, Crocheting, Reading

I'm officially homeschooling as of today! I've created a "school zone" behind the sofa in our sitting room so everything is organized.

Lately, I've been crocheting a lot. I made Abbi a scarf last week for her birthday, but decided to try something a little more difficult... so I made a Pikmin. I also made a mermaid, but she's so creepy-looking, that I don't want to keep her.

It's hurricane season, so Mississippi has been getting rained on something awful. I'm loving the rain, though. What better weather to curl up with a good book? I actually finished reading The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman. It was really interesting. A lot of what he wrote about middle children applies to me, so I felt like I was reading a story about me.

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