Saturday, May 4, 2013

Great American Cookies

This little she-devil has been begging to play my ukulele. The proportions remind me of a tiny Sheryl Crow.

I started training at Great American Cookies (GAC, for short) Wednesday as a cake decorator. I spent the last three days in training to learn oven temperatures, batter weights, decorating techniques, and customer service etiquette before the store opened today. The job is alright, even though I'm having doubts about staying on. The managers really like me and want to keep me. My hands are so sore, though. I roll refrigerated cookie dough out by hand because a roller would break the chocolate chips. My wrist and thenal areas are covered in bruises and my finger joints are killing me from squeezing out frosting. I really like the decorating part, but my hands are strained. I'll get used to it, I'm sure, but right now it hurts.

Zac also got a new job at Game Stop as a keyholder, so he's excited about that. He gets to try out new games and has his employee discount.

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