Saturday, August 10, 2013

Broken Bones and Cakes

We spent the day at Marie's, swimming in the pool and sipping on some Strawberitas. James floated on a noodle, occasionally ambushing Zac with a water gun, while Leah drifted peacefully in a little floating chair, lost in her own thoughts. I watched Zac compete in a who-can-handstand-the-longest-underwater game. It was a great day! Or it was until we were dried off and getting ready to go see Mawmaw across the street when Francesca ran into the living room to tell us James hurt himself and was crying.

In his own words, my child claims, "I was standing on the footstool... I started wobbling and it was too late to jump off before I fell." We packed some ice on his wrist and let him relax for a bit to reduce the swelling while we went to visit Mawmaw for a few and play with her new kitten.

We went back to Marie's to pick up James and his wrist had swelled up even more than before we left. We decided to take him to the ER to make sure everything was okay, but found out he had broken both bones in his left wrist. The doctor wrapped his arm in a temporary cast and gave him a sling and some pain medication before sending us home. James isn't in too much pain, but I'm sure when the medication wears off, he'll change his mind.

Here are some cakes:

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