Monday, December 9, 2013

Holidays, Cookies, Crochet

I can't believe this year is coming to an end already. This time last year, we were living with my parents... or I was while Zac stayed with Sean during the week so he could work. It was so lonely.

This will be our second "first Christmas" in our own place again. Last time we had a "first Christmas" in our own place, the kids were so much smaller and we had zero pups.

While I'm at the whole then-and-now thing, I have another, based on one of my most favorite pictures.

Earlier this week, I brought the kids to decorate cookies at work. Every Monday is Decorate Your Own Cookie Day. It's why I don't work on Mondays. There's always plenty to clean up at the end of the night throughout the week. Extra doesn't help.

Yesterday, Zac and I brought the kids to the Lakeside mall to see Santa and ride the train. I think this was their best year as far as smiling goes. The holidays come and go faster these days. Maybe it's because I'm old now... Next year, I'll probably put the tree up on November 1 just so I can enjoy it a little longer.

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