Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's 2014

Emily and Alex came to stay with us for New Year's. Marie invited us to her house to shoot fireworks and eat snacky foods. We had a fun time.

My parents came with Abbi to stay with us, so our apartment was full of family. They brought me a dollhouse that once belonged to my younger cousin, Christina. Fun fact: I've wanted a dollhouse my whole life. I asked for one every birthday, Christmas, just-because-day, etc. and never got one. At the lovely age of 30, I receive a hand-me-down dollhouse that needs hardcore re-vamping. Don't get me wrong, I plan to fix it up, but there's a disappointment behind the gesture. Mom even told me, "Be glad you got one now that you're old so you can fix it up. If you had one when you were little you wouldn't have taken care of it."


I'm too old to play with it, but I guess I could adopt a new hobby of tinkering with it. I'll be the grandma with the antique doll house that "should be looked at but never played with".

Speaking of old: I fell off the curb over the weekend. I've got a patch of skin missing on my right knee, which still leaves me limping. Both knees are bruised pretty badly.

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