Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random Update

It's so hot outside. Ridiculous heat. Luckily, I can temporarily offset dehydration with strawberry milkshakes. And lots of them! Strawberry is the new black. Not orange. Orange sucks. Sorry, orange.

My brain is frazzled. I haven't been able to focus on much lately. Currently, I'm trying to crochet a beaded shawl via crochetvolution, but it's tedious and beautiful and overwhelming. I have two different versions happening. One is regular yarn and another is a type of thread. Thread, while dainty, is painful on my fingers. No pictures of progress right now. It's not far enough along. Instead, a picture of the pumpkins.

My parents visited over the weekend. We ate at Olive Garden and Osaka, which means I'll be carrying that around in my thighs for the rest of the month. Worth it.

It's been a good month, aside from no-baby. Katie visited from Oregon and I gave her the bag of things-James-can't-wear for Spencer. Now I can walk in my walk-in closet. She's coming back in August, so hopefully we can get together again.

We finally went to see Jessie and Joey. The kids played in a yard with a sprinkler and chalk.

Today was a little rough on the kids. They had a joint doctor's appointment and had to get their fingers pricked. Both are completely healthy, no health issues, weight and height are right on track, etc.

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