Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random Update

I spent the weekend with the family at my parents' house to celebrate Dad's birthday a few days early.

I held Brendan, my newest nephew. It was uncomfortable. Rachel insisted I take Brendan's late birth announcement home and when I refused (politely), she stuffed it in my suitcase anyway. I threw it away.

I went shopping with Jena the other day. It was refreshing. I miss working at B&BW very much. Unfortunately the local store isn't hiring. Dawn said she missed me and asked when I had my baby and told me I should come back because nobody does floorsets as quick as I did. Oh, if only...

I gave Jena the Maleficent painting and she gave me an Eiffel Tower necklace: late gifts for birthdays.

I'm tired of working with cookies. I like the decorating, but my hands are aging faster than I am.

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