Friday, August 1, 2014

It's just one of those days...

When I woke up this morning, there was a series of unfortunate events.

First: Last week, James had some allergy issues from my parents' visit. Those allergies lasted about two days and aside from the sniffles, he was fine. Next, Leah started complaining of a sore throat. By Thursday, she couldn't breathe through her nose and couldn't stop coughing.

Last night to this morning was spent with two-hour intervals of attempted sleep, between which I was getting up to coax Leah back to sleep and argue the health benefits of cough medicine while trying not to spill it down her face. At 7am, the "Wake Zac Up" alarm went off, so I had to force myself up, wake the kids, and take Zac to work so I could have the car. The dogs had appointments with the vet to get sterilized at 9. I dropped Zac off and headed home, managed to get the dogs and kids into the car... but the car wouldn't start. The next hour was spent waiting for the Roadside Service, learning it wasn't the battery,  but the starter, then waiting for Zac to pick the dogs up from home and take them for me.

The kids wouldn't go back to bed, I was afraid that one more cup of coffee would give me a stroke, and I had to work this evening. So Sean brought Zac to pick up our car, then came to my apartment and sat with the kids so I could leave. Zac picked up the dogs. I was barely late for work, but the day went by quickly. Now if only the kids would go to bed and we could start over tomorrow...

Good news: My marigolds have started budding.

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