Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's a...

It's a boy!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 17 weeks.
Size of baby: Turnip!
Total weight gain/loss: About five pounds gained.
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Gender: Boy!
Movement: All the time.
Sleep: Not sleeping well at night.
What I miss: Nothing right now.
Cravings: Snow cones.
Symptoms: Achey, tired, moody.
Best moment this week: Finding out my Bun is a boy and everything looks great.

My belly is large enough to keep my keyboard tray from sliding out completely, but if I lower my chair at all, it's awkward to type. Woe is me, right?
In unrelated news, it finally snowed. The funny thing is that Wednesday, the weather was around 80 degrees. I wore a tank top to the doctor's office, shorts, and was basically sweating the entire time we ran errands. Add that our AC doesn't work in our car right now. Thursday morning, I woke up to use the toilet and heard what can only be described as typing. Zac was asleep, so I decided maybe it was raining.


Snow everywhere! My frozen-faced pumpkins enjoyed crunching around.

In my hibernation, I've been crocheting things for the littlest pumpkin. Mostly blankets, one of which I made too small so it now belongs to Leah's doll. This is my favorite for now. I'm considering making a pair of booties that look similar. 

Also, I've been looking for a take-home outfit, but have yet to find something perfect. The Disney Store has this completely adorable ensemble and I'm thinking it is probably what I'm going to end up buying, unless I see something better. I wish I had looked for similar outfits when my other two were newbies.

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