Thursday, April 2, 2015

Random Update

James was baptized March 22. While I'm not super religious, I've been talking to the kids about God and Jesus and reading a devotional book to them once in a while. James has been showing interest in Christianity, so we talked to the pastor about being baptized. I grew up Baptist, though I've decided that organized religion does not suit me. I don't believe everything in the Bible and have a lot of questions without answers. However, since moving to Mississippi, my family and I have been attending Mom and Dad's current church. Partially so the kids can meet other kids and partially because it makes my dad happy to see us there. He plays the harmonica during hymns. I care about my dad, so this is just something I'm going to do for now. Truthfully, I would rather go to a non-denominational church in the future.

Last week, Zac had some job training in Louisiana, so we spent the week with Sean in his new house. I was able to trade baby clothes with Keara and visit with her for a while, talking about babies and living in the woods.

I made it to 20 weeks this past Sunday. We've named him Elias and while things are good with me (my placenta is no longer covering my cervix, yay!), he has two choroid plexus cysts in the middle area of his brain. While I'm told it's nothing to worry about, I'm worrying. With the technology today, compared to what it was when James and Leah were babies, it's so updated that things can be detected now that couldn't be then. I could actually see the shape of Elias' heart and see it beating instead of the black area that flutters. I like the details, but it still freaks me out knowing something is there that shouldn't be.

Zac and I have been considering Mom's request of living together yet again, but this time in a house that Zac and I could take over as our own. So, the house would technically be ours and they would be living with us on our terms, but with a comfortable arrangement that we can all be happy with to avoid confrontations. The decision is still up in the air. There are pros and cons, of course, but it would be nice to have a yard, maybe a garden (finally), more space, and knowing my dad is being taken care of with homemade food and a quieter environment. James wants his own room and a house note for a three-bedroom or four-bedroom would be cheaper than rent for a three-bedroom. I'm still not sure. We've flip-flopped back and forth with my parents so many times already. I don't think I can do it again. I don't have to have a backyard. I can take my kids to the park or something like we used to do. I still want my beach and if we're thinking about moving again, I want an ocean to look at.

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