Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Plague 2016

This past weekend has been a total puke-fest nightmare. We went shopping for school supplies on Saturday, but Leah was complaining of a tummy ache. It started pouring rain, so we decided to come home and see if she needed to use the bathroom. She barfed. I got her a pallet on the floor and was getting ready to go to bed, when James got up and barfed. Zac set them up with some buckets and they prepared to sleep on the floor in the sitting room to be close to the bathroom. I prepared a bucket for myself "just in case" and decided to go to bed early. I couldn't sleep, just tossing and turning for what felt like hours. Around 3am, I felt it and told Zac it was my turn and can honestly say I'll never eat Oreos again. Or Burger King (TMI? Oh well).

I made a bed on the sofa and tried to rest, then I heard Zac rush to the bathroom. We were up all night, balancing our own misery with our kids, trying to rest and medicate, all while hoping the baby didn't catch it. Luckily, he didn't. He's been a cheery little peach. James was the last to recover, but we're all okay now. All the linens have been washed, baths have been had, and disinfectant has been deployed.

Here are some happier times because there was no way I was taking sick pics.

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