Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Elias is TWO!

My littlest pumpkin is a two-year-old! He's no longer a baby, but has become quite the charming toddler. 

He still doesn't talk much, though he understands plenty. He's got a sense of humor, which is great. If he doesn't want a sibling to hug him, he cries, "OW! OW! OW!" or will push them away and say, "Git!" He hates noodles and doesn't care much for sweets, though he loves Reddi-Whip and M&Ms. He climbs from his playpen now, so we've been setting up baby-gates in the doorways. Naps aren't happening as often, which is good and bad. I miss the snuggles, but like having the whole day to do things without planning around his sleep schedule. He likes Hide-and-Seek, jumping on the bed, and closing himself up in closets after waving bye-bye. He loves Hot Wheels cars and trucks. They're basically the only things he ever plays with. He likes wearing Leah's headbands and bows and walking around in everyone's shoes. He also prefers to wear socks on his hands.

So far his vocabulary words are:
Bob (what he calls James)
Ee-yah (Leah)
Rororororo (basically barking, or "dog")
Mau (like meow, or "cat")
Bye bye
Go go (car)
Awrite (alright)
Oh no
Mane mane (airplane)
Butt butt (could be butt, buckle, or belly button)
A-nana (banana)
No-tiku (no thank you)
Nuey (what we call a pacifier)
Git! (get, or get away because he's a rude little twerp)
Peesa (pizza)
Bay bay (baby)

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