Saturday, April 16, 2005

Visiting my Parents

My parents live in an apartment about an hour southeast from me. Zac and I occasionally make a trip to visit them and watch a movie or just chat about current goings-on. Tonight, Zac is working at Pizza Hut and when he's off, we're going to go the local bar Last Call to watch one of our guitarist friends perform in his band. Zac's a former bassist for that band and he's really talented, mostly influenced by Primus. Eventually, we may move back into town and he'll be able to play again. I was briefly in his other garage band as a singer (along with Kyle, Kevin, Justin, and Calvin) earlier this year. It was called Tetris Chainsaw Massacre, a check off my bucket list and a chance to be Shirley Manson.

I visited with my parents while Zac was working, mostly looking through old family photo albums. Mom informed me that I'm going to be an aunt for the fourth time. My elder sister, Meredith, is pregnant with her first baby. She's really excited about it. I am currently an aunt to two nieces, Krystal and Abbi; a nephew, Payton, and a great-niece, Kylie.

Small history lesson: I'm the fourth of five children in a blended family. My eldest sister, Karen, is Dad's daughter from a previous marriage. She's almost twenty years older than me. Krystal is her only daughter and a year younger than me. Because we're so close in age, I used to think Krystal and I were cousins. I didn't realize Karen was my sister until I was in middle school. Krystal has a daughter named Kylie. She will be three in a few days. Meredith and Carlton are Mom's two children from her previous marriage (five and four years older than me, respectively). Carlton has two children, Abbi (from his first marriage to Neely) and Payton (with his current wife, Teresa). Abbi is two, Payton is six months. Emily is the youngest of the family, coming up almost two years behind me. She and I have the closest relationship.

Family Portrait - 1985
Clockwise from top: Mom, Meredith, Carlton, me on Karen's lap.
Center: Dad holding Baby Emily and Krystal.

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