Saturday, April 23, 2005


I've been trying to keep myself busy with various hobbies while I wait for a full-time position to open at my current job, Walmart. In many cases, I draw, play around on my keyboard from Zac, or read books. Recently, I started playing with Zac's bass guitar, mainly plucking along to Nirvana or Garbage. I think I'd like to learn to play a bass or guitar in the future, once I get passed the ugly, callused-fingertip phase.

Speaking of hobbies, there is a skate park that recently opened not far from the house. Zac has been wanting to go, but he's too shy to skateboard in front of me. I've been wanting to go so I can practice drawing people in motion. There's no way I'd attempt skateboarding, as I'm clumsy and prone to looking silly. 

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