Monday, August 29, 2005

Pouring misery down.

Right now in the south, there's a hurricane happening. Hurricane Katrina is basically intent on destroying much of New Orleans and some surrounding areas. Zac and I evacuated per mandatory orders and spent eight hours (instead of the usual three) in the car with Amber, Zoey, and Mawmaw's dog, Otis. Otis had a puppy panic attack when we reached Meredith's. Everything is chaotic right now. I'm only able to use the computer for a little while as the power may go out.

Dad is in Hattiesburg, which is about two hours from here. He just had his gallbladder removed and was in the midst of recovering when they had to transfer him to a safer hospital. Mom is freaking out, everyone is fighting, and nobody knows what to do or what is going on. Send happy thoughts our way, please.

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