Monday, September 19, 2005

The calm

Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

I wasn't able to keep up with posting while we were evacuated. There were power-outages, boredom, naps, and exploring, so posting was pushed to the back burner. I guess I should also add that we didn't have access to a computer except maybe once or twice when we brought our computer tower to Zac's Aunt Donna's friend's house.

What you missed: Not too much, really. I'll shorthand it.

There was a lot of drama happening at Meredith's when we arrived. Meredith is a pastor's wife and has strong convictions about nontraditional relationships, i.e., sharing a bed while not married. Zac and I live together and are not married. When the tension started, Mawmaw called to tell Zac that his Aunt Donna had space for us, but we'd have to drive to Tennessee. I don't think we've ever left a location with as much speed as we did that day to head toward the mountains! However, Emily and Alex were stuck with Meredith and Matt, dealing with those convictions. Granny (my maternal grandma) picked Dad up from Hattiesburg and brought him to Meredith's house.

Tennessee was amazing. I told Zac we need to consider moving there, maybe before we have kids. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We stayed with Donna for a few weeks, looking for work and exploring. Zac's cousin, Christina, and her family were staying with Donna as well. I learned a little of Zac when he was young, like how he used to play with Barbies.

We've been back at Mawmaw's for about a week. Her house is fine, no damage. The yard flooded a bit, though. There are muddy crawfish houses scattered all over the lot, along with broken branches and puddles. We don't have cable, but I don't mind. I've been drawing and haven't been feeling like myself. Also, Pac Sun hired someone else for full-time while we were out of state, so I've got to look for myself a new job. Oh well.

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