Sunday, November 6, 2005


I read somewhere once that Olive Garden is a place where people tend to break news to others, whether it's good or bad. Got fired? Go to Olive Garden and let the spouse know. Someone died? Go to Olive Garden and eat your feelings. Pregnant? Go to Olive Garden and tell the family.

Today is Mawmaw's birthday. Zac's Aunt Janie and Uncle Dean treated all of us to dinner at Olive Garden. Christmas is approaching, so Aunt Janie asked Zac and me what we'd like. A nervous glance to each other, a hesitation, and a list of "baby stuff" came tumbling out like quarters in a casino jackpot. Things got weird quickly as the subject changed from congrats-on-the-bun to you-need-to-get-married. Zac and I are in no rush to pay for a wedding, especially since these same people didn't want us to get married last year when we wanted to elope to Vegas. Right now, we're just going to keep saving money. Once the baby comes, we'll think about marriage again.

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