Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas 2005

Zac and I have the house to ourselves since Mawmaw in in Mexico for the holidays. We're pup-sitting Mac and Otis while she's away. Our Christmas was cozy. I didn't feel like riding in the car to visit my family, so we spent it together. We played WoW and had our own tiny Christmas dinner of canned vegetables and a rotisserie chicken and watched a few Christmas movies. I fell down in the shower this evening since my belly is throwing me off balance, but everything is okay. Bud wasn't moving for a little while, so Zac started yelling at him and he fluttered. There's no blood, so I'm not stressing. I'm annoyingly clumsy right now, even with a small belly. I've got bruises and scratches all over from bumping into all the things. We're going to stay up late and see how many times we can watch A Christmas Story while it runs its marathon on TV.

Happy Holidays, from us *clink*.

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