Friday, April 28, 2006

Bed Rest & Dilating, 36.5 weeks

I've been on bed rest for about a week now. My blood pressure is high and I'm retaining water like a camel. My ankles look like manatees. I'm irritable and emotional, getting upset over the littlest things. I've dilated, but no more than two centimeters. Bud's still in there, squirming around, keeping his feet tucked way up in my rib cage. I stayed in the hospital Monday night for observation, but there weren't any huge changes. I'm going back again next week for more observation.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 36.5 weeks.
Size of baby: The length of a head of romaine lettuce!
Total weight gain/loss: A lot, apparently. 40 pounds...
Maternity clothes: I haven't been wearing pants much lately, unless we leave the house. My belly is too uncomfortable.
Gender: Still a boy.
Movement: So much movement. Kicks, punches, and hiccups.
Sleep: Not so much. I'm uncomfortable.
What I miss: Sleep.
Cravings: Sleep, haha.
Symptoms: Uncomfortable. Heavy. Tired. Crabby. Fat. Difficulty bending over.
Best moment this week: One week closer to delivery! Less than 4 weeks to go.

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