Friday, May 12, 2006

38.5 Weeks

I spent the night at the hospital on Tuesday for observation. The nurses kept me hooked up to to machines and kept checking on me through the night, so I'm still trying to fight exhaustion. I was having intense contractions, but was told it was only "false labor". However, I've dilated to three centimeters, so Bud's getting closer to arriving. Dr. N was supposed to come meet with me at the hospital and let me know if we should induce or let things progress on their own, but he never showed up. For now, I just have to avoid caffeine, tampons, tub baths, and such.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 38.5 weeks.
Size of baby: The length of a leek!
Total weight gain/loss: Steady, staying around 45 pounds right now, thanks fluid.
Maternity clothes: Pajamas.
Gender: Boy.
Movement: Very much.
Sleep: Not as much as I want. Can't get comfortable and I've been having restless, cramping legs.
What I miss: My old body.
Cravings: Sleep and ice.
Symptoms: Cranky. Tired. Emotional.
Best moment this week: Dilating one more centimeter. Getting closer!

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