Sunday, May 28, 2006

Church, Bud 2 weeks

I haven't been to church in probably four years, maybe less, but it's been a while. Matt is a pastor at the church near my parents' house in Mississippi. There was a Memorial Day service, so Meredith made a few shirts with logos for people of the church and invited us to come. She even put the logo on a onesie for James. I haven't had much sleep, so while we were waiting in line to enter the fellowship hall for junk food, I turned pale and nearly fainted. A woman named Elthabye helped escort me to a seat so I could sit and recover. It's embarrassing how weak I am right now. I know it's the blood loss and the preecalmpsia, but sheesh. I'm ready to be back to normal.

Bud's umbilical cord stump came off today. Gross. I was changing his diaper, but since he's so tiny, the newborn diapers are too tall. I have to fold the front down to keep it from covering his belly button so it doesn't get pee on it. I unfastened the tape and he let out a small cry. The stump must have stuck to the diaper fibers and came off. It looked nasty, but one less thing to wipe. Speaking of babies, Meredith is having another baby in February of next year.

I'm going to try to find a breast pump this week so I can get a bit more rest. Sleeplessness is making me moody and impatient, two things a newborn does not need in a mama.

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