Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Children 2011

James, my Eldest:

  • You're almost five! I can't believe you'll be going to school in a few short months when it seems like just yesterday I was holding a tiny, squirming bundle of blue blanket and golden hair.
  • You have a fantastic imagination and love pretending. You usually dress up in your Mario costume and create adventures for yourself and Sissy.
  • You draw all the time. You mostly draw Mario, but you're so careful to get the lines right.
  • You're so so so sweet, even on days that make me question my maternal skills. You're quick to apologize and give a kiss or a hug. I love when you come hug me and kiss my hip and say, "Mommy? Um... I love you."
  • You're a great big brother. You give Sissy hugs and kisses and tell her she's your "bestest friend" and that makes me so happy and proud.
  • You've been pretending to be a daddy to your stuffed animals. You tuck them in at night and kiss each one of them. Your favorites are Henry, Sharky, and Turtle and you can't sleep without them. You even put them in the windowsill when we go places so they can watch for you to come home.
  • You're counting everything. You count one to twelve, then skip to 14, 16, 19, 100, 114. You know your alphabet and recognize the upper- and lower-case letters and can write your name so well! I'm so proud of you.

Leah, my Youngest:

  • You're almost two! You've grown so much since I first held you. Time is passing so quickly.
  • You've got quite the personality and aren't afraid to express yourself, even if that means screaming like a banshee because you dribbled water onto your favorite shirt.
  • You've been really using your imagination lately when you play with Bubba.
  • You're so smart and talk all the time, even if I don't understand everything you're trying to tell me. You definitely have much to say and want everyone to hear it! "Mommy, up!" is usually the first words out of your mouth when you wake up in the morning or after your nap.
  • You love your B.B. and take such great care of her. She's always with you. You talk to her and rock her to sleep, "Rock, B. Rock, B" and kiss her goodnight.
  • You're so girly! You walk on your tip-toes and even keep your pinky up when you drink or eat with your hands. You hate being sticky and messy. Hate it!
  • You love to go "bye bye" and run to get your shoes on, yelling, "Shoe! Shoe!" You sit so patiently while you wait for me to help you strap your shoes on.
  • You've become so helpful. You know to go get a diaper, the wipes, the Desitin and the changing pad, and then you lay there and wait for me to get the job done.
I love you both so very much. I'm lucky to be your mama.

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