Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shorthand Version Update

So this update is going to be jumbled. I'm trying to keep up with it, but I've been distracted. Good luck with this shorthanded version.
  • Sunday: We went swimming in Sean's pool. My hair has been destroyed from lack of conditioner. I can't even untangle it without ripping it up.
  • Monday: We went to Metairie to visit Jessie and Joey and eat sushi. The Champion Roll is enormous! And so so so delicious. We came back to Sean's and played Clue.
  • Tuesday: Toby peed on the floor, Leah learned how to destroy climb over the baby gate stating proudly, "I geet out!" while James kept reminding me, "We're good children!" So Zac purchased another gate.
  • Wednesday, Fallyn came over and brought Disney Princess Monopoly. The guys had a blast, obviously.

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