Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Update

I've set my availability with work, so I can get more hours at more convenient times. The holidays are approaching, so the experience is needed. I'm obsessed with all the French themes! The Cafe Au Lait candle smells delicious and the Paris Amour makes me want to shower in it all day.

For Christmas this year, I'm hoping to make homemade gifts. Crochet has become an addictive past time so I've been making things and learning the terms and shorthand abbreviations, etc. It's less stressful on my fingers and I don't have to freak out over mistakes.

I've started learning French through the Rosetta Stone, so I'm excited. I've always wanted to learn French. It's a beautiful language. One day, maybe in ten years or so, we can afford to fly to France and I can touch the actual Eiffel Tower and eat cheese and chocolates, drink wine, and bask in the awesome of the country.

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