Monday, August 13, 2012

Homeschooling and Swimming

This week has been slow and I've been lazy, but baking a lot of pumpkin-infused confections.

Leah might be potty trained! It's been three days and she's been waking up with a dry PullUp, asking to wear "pinteez" and hasn't had any accidents. I'm so excited! She's also been going by herself. She puts a footstool up against the base of the toilet and does her business, then yells, "I'm all done!"

James' school books came so I've been organizing lessons and trying to set up a comfortable "school zone". I'm hoping to do a good job teaching and that he can have fun learning. All the teacher books explain everything so clearly!

Zac bought a new kiddie pool since the plastic one was bent. I'm sure this one won't last long either, but you can't beat $10 for a pool that a family of four can play in comfortably.

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