Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Season & Big News

My mom made this dress for me when I was about four or five. I hated it with enthusiasm, but seeing it on my own mini-miss changed the perspective. I'm sad she, too, hates it enough to tell me it's why she won't smile while wearing it.

Zac and I finally bought a real Christmas tree last week. We've been keeping it watered while trying to keep the dogs from drinking the water. Zac's going to finish popping the rest of our popcorn garland this evening while we watch Home Alone.

Tonight we went to the local park to walk around under all the Christmas lights. It was magical and freezing. Hopefully next week we can get the Santa pictures taken. 

Some big news: Baby #4 is due August 2015! I'm nervous, excited, paranoid, and so so so thankful. I  really hope this one sticks around. 

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