Saturday, December 20, 2014

Random Update

I've just about finished shopping for Christmas. A few years ago, I had all the shopping finished in October. I guess as I get older, the shopping gets postponed. I finished a shawl and a snowman, but still have to get Leah's sweater finished... working on that tonight. Ugh.

Earlier this week, I went to the clinic for a pregnancy verification. I can get an ultrasound in early January and hear a heartbeat (hopefully). I'm about six weeks right now, which makes the due date August 16. I lost my last baby right before seven weeks... that time is creeping closer and I'm paranoid. I've been taking pregnancy tests every week to reassure myself. The line is getting darker and showing up faster, which is a good sign. I'm still taking one day at a time, but I feel good about this one.

The kiddos finally got their pictures taken with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. We found some matching Minion shirts in the boy department last minute at Walmart. I'm super disappointed in the holiday selections. If there's something specific for boys, there's nothing similar for girls and vice versa. How am I supposed to coordinate?

I can't believe Christmas is happening in less than a week. When I was a kid, it couldn't get here fast enough. Sheesh. The dogs are unimpressed. I did get a super awesome Loki necklace in the mail, though. Early gifts are my favorite.

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