Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine's Day has passed. It's our 10th. Zac cooked an amazing dinner of steak (my new obsession craving), twice-baked potatoes, homemade broccoli and cheese... oh my. And a nice glass of white grape juice. He's absolutely amazing.

And this year, we weren't able to celebrate Mardi Gras with friends. That didn't stop us from overloading on king cake. No beads, though. We have enough clutter.

The kids have been sick all week. What started out as assumed allergies turned into colds, coughing, fever, barf, and messy poop. It's been lovely. I took the week off homeschooling so they could rest. Luckily, I haven't caught anything yet, though my throat is feeling a little off. I hope it's all gone, like our disinfectant spray now.

I've started feeling baby flutters. It's recognizable compared to bubbles, and so very reassuring. My nausea is completely gone, which is awesome, but I'm still tired enough to take a nap sometime each day. I'm glad my kiddos can entertain themselves for an hour or two while I rest. It's much-needed. I'm also not stuffing my face every 10 seconds.

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