Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Sauna

I have been sitting down to write at some point every day this week, but my mind goes blank and I get distracted, then save as a draft and procrastinate.

Summer is here in its blazing, uncomfortable glory, so Zac and I purchased a swimming pool. It takes the edge off, but the water is usually warm. The kids have become quite the waterbugs.

Tricksy waterbugses...

I've been enjoying spending mornings outside with my tea, watching the kids and dogs run around. We don't have any big trees (just large bushes), so there's no worry about pollen, which means no worry about allergies. There are always bubbles being blown around and Leah dug up an old padlock. It's her "buried treasure".

The kids keep telling me how much they love having the house, the yard, and spending time with the grandparents. I'm glad they're happy. They haven't even fought but maybe once since we've been here. I'm diggin' it.

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