Saturday, November 14, 2015


The swingset finally arrived! I wasn't much help. Zac and Dad did most of the work. I just sorted the parts needed according to the steps per page in the instruction manual. Three days were spent building the swingset and it has been completed. The weather is chilly. Winter (or ostensible "winter" as I'm in the south) is approaching so all the sweaters have been pulled out of the storage boxes. I catch the scent of Fireplace when I'm outside and it makes me happy.

The kids played outside and tested out their new playground equipment. James got hurt, which is something I was kind of expecting. Not necessarily for him, but let's face it, my kids are a wee bit clumsy. According to Leah, James was swinging too high and flipped backward out of his swing. He hit his head and the swing dragged him a few inches along the grass. He's got a raw spot and some scratches on his back, but he's alright. The poor kid has had a rough week. The other day, he was throwing up what looked like Fruit Loops pieces (TMI, sorry) since he doesn't "have time" to chew his food... You know, since nine-year-olds have such a busy schedule so chewing is a step in life that can be skipped. The swing injury was just the icing on his bad-day cupcake. There's nothing quite like being in the middle of breastfeeding when your eldest comes running to the door screaming "ow!" over and over. The first thought in my mind was, "Another broken bone". I had to practically toss Elias to Dad to get the door open while trying to conceal my boob and deal with milk flying all over the place. I doctored James up, bandaged his wounds, finished feeding the baby, then had to practically pry Leah off the swings before the mosquitoes came out. The best part is I'm hearing a lot more, "Mom, can I go outside?" instead of, "Mom, can I play Minecraft?"

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  1. I'm glad they finally got their swinger and are loving being outside! Sorry to hear about the injury.