Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016, micro post

You ever feel like Robin Williams in Jumanji when he's back from the jungle and asks, "What year is it?" because you've been away from a blog for so long? I do.

It's 2016. Incredible, a new year. I started writing and saving drafts, but just decided to backspace the whole thing, have an alcoholic beverage, and just wing it.

I bought a pair of beautiful boots from Target. When we left for Sean's, I was wearing some comfy slippers Zac bought me for Christmas. I completely forgot to pack my damn shoes. Target had a pair of boots on sale from about $50 to $25.

We hung out in New Orleans and went to the mall, then ate lunch at Reginelli's to see Joey and hang out with Jessie.

At Sean's, to bring in the New Year, we lit sparklers, ate king cake (baby wasn't included, despite the label), and watched Ant Man. I'm a little surprised my kiddos were ready for bed before midnight arrived.

We were able to visit Mawmaw and Marie, but I forgot to give Mawmaw her gift. I'm hoping we can visit again soon. We just had too much fun this time.

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