Sunday, January 31, 2016

What We've Been Up To

James and Leah learned to ride their bicycles without training wheels! Zac looked up a few videos on YouTube and patiently taught them how to do it. James learned first and is so proud of himself. Next was Leah's turn. She was determined, just like when she was ready to get out of diapers. We've been riding around the neighborhood, getting used to riding as a family. The kiddos are learning how to stay to the right side of the street or keep steady on sidewalks. I'm glad we can use the bike trailer a little longer. Elias prefers riding in it more than the stroller.

I've started painting again. This time, I've been using acrylics as watercolor and testing out some techniques. I've missed this. I don't think I've painted anything since we moved from Louisiana. Honestly, I'd rather paint than draw.

Elias is trying to crawl. He pushes up to his knees and gets so mad when he can't get to the next step. He's proud of himself, though. And he's got red hair! I swore it would stay dark like Zac's, but the dark has fallen out and red is peeking through. I started him on some homemade baby food. Applesauce is his favorite, but he likes mashed bananas. He sometimes gets a tummy ache after eating, but I know his digestion is working to process something that isn't milk or formula. I can't get the food to his mouth fast enough without him throwing a fit, ha!

I've been trying to crochet a blanket for myself. I found a beautiful pattern called Blue Star Afghan, though I've changed the colors. It's hard finding the time to sit and work on it without interruption. Elias used to lay still when breastfeeding so I could crochet at the same time. Now, he'll grab my yarn or turn his head to see what I'm doing and it's hard to keep a rhythm when I have to keep readjusting his latch. I get some time before bed, so it's a slow progress. He isn't taking very good naps right now, probably from growing or teething or both. I've been teaching Leah how to crochet. She's getting the hang of it, but her frustrations can be a bit dramatic.

Rainbow chain scarf for Saoirse the Irish Frog

We used up the last of our sparklers and enjoyed the chilly weather that I'll probably (most definitely) complain about later on.

Zac took us to Madison to go to the park and do some shopping.

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