Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Day At the Renaissance

Zac gave me his old Macbook, but it doesn't retain a charge unless constantly plugged into an outlet. We decided to take a trip to Madison and hang out at the Renaissance. We stopped by Barnes & Noble and picked out a few books, then headed to the Apple store. It would be cheaper to order a new battery through Amazon, so we skipped the purchase, bought some lunch, and walked around.

While I was sitting on a bench feeding Elias, Zac noticed a large spider web with a few egg sacs tucked under the arm. It creeped me out a bit, as Elias was grabbing the arm stump of the bench and pulling himself closer to me. His little hand was so close to the web and I didn't even know it. Upon further inspection, the egg sacs looked like spiky death-bombs. The spider was curled around one of the two, but when I poked at her with a pine needle, she moved and I saw the red hour glass that only a Black Widow carries. Yikes!

Rain clouds started coming close, so we had to leave a bit sooner than we would have liked. The next time we visit, we're going to P.F. Chang's. As we were leaving, it was all we could smell and how I regretted eating that hot dog when I could've filled up on sushi.

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