Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pumpkins Galore

We finally made it out to Party City to buy costumes for the kiddos. They've agreed to go with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme as Lock, Shock, and Barrel since Zac and I will be Jack and Sally (again). Bath & Body Works has everything pumpkin happening, so of course we stopped in to smell all the things. Even though it won't be hashtagged, the big kids insisted on being pumpkins anyway.

We woke up late this morning, but headed to church to meet up with the children's group and drove to a pumpkin patch about half an hour from where we live. We went on a hay ride and saw some animals. Leah really liked the "zedonk" and James liked the bulls. Elias wanted to pet the Bactrian camel and eat the corn from the cornbox. We had fun! Each of us picked our own pumpkins so the front porch is looking festive and lovely. It still needs some lights, though. If only autumn was permanent.

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