Thursday, November 24, 2016

Great, full.

A few weeks ago, I swallowed my anxiety and sent out a mass group invitation to family members via Facebook to come to Mom's for Thanksgiving. As the day drew nearer, more and more family declined the invite. In the end, our only attendees were Karen, Eddie, and Kylie, as well as Aunt Trish, Uncle John, Anna, Christina, and Christina's husband, John. Honestly, I was relieved to have fewer people to visit. Aunt Trish even made me my own stash of Bourbon balls, which are tucked away safely in my upstairs refrigerator.

Mom planned for she and me to cook together, but once she got started, she took over and I spent my time upstairs with Zac. I think she enjoyed cooking, though. It's been years since she's had the kitchen to herself.

My kids were super awesome well-behaved and sweet to Kylie. She's 14 now, so I know how weird it is to be stuck in the age gap between too-old-for-young-kids, too-young-for-adults grouping. And it was nice visiting with Anna and Christina. We're going to start planning another family get-together for the new year. Can you believe 2016 is almost over? I mean, I feel like this year went by in a blur.

The Christmas shopping is 99% finished, thanks to online sales. I think we may even go out and get a tree tomorrow!

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