Saturday, November 19, 2016

Zac's Birthday

Zac made breakfast this morning, on his BIRTHDAY! And the new furniture arrived! I'll get to that in a bit though. We hung out around the house most of today, just being lazy lumps. This evening, Mom treated us to Fernando's (of course) and James mentioned Zac's birthday. Little did we know, the servers would bring out fried ice cream and have him wear a sombrero (lol)! It was a treat for all of us, honestly. When we got home, I gave him a gift of tabletop Foosball. I think the kids love it more than he does.

I went with Mom to Miskelly's earlier this week so we could pick out some furniture for the house (and the kids wanted to ride the carousel). Family is coming next week and we don't have a table big enough to accomodate, nor do we have a nice sofa. So guess what? We do now. Mom let me pick out what would look best, so we've got a huge sectional sofa, as well as a table that seats eight. EIGHT. It even has a little bench for the kiddos.

Oh, I almost left my handbag behind. I set it on a display bed while the kids were riding the carousel and got distracted with pushing Elias in the stroller. Suddenly, something felt weird and I realized my bag was all the way across the store. Luckily, it was untouched. Scary. I probably would've realized it later when I was buying snacks for the kids at the cafeteria.

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