Monday, January 16, 2017

Update on Dad

So far, Dad's been doing not so well. He spent a few days in the hospital last week because he was yelling in his sleep (something he's never done). Emily was spending the night, so she took him to the emergency room where a bunch of morons didn't run any tests or check the screaming monitor that said my dad had no pulse when he unplugged something. It was ridiculous. He's back home, but he's hallucinating frequently and is always disoriented. He wants to walk around, but sways. Last night, he fell about four or five times when trying to get to the bathroom. Mom has been trying to look after him, but she goes into panic mode and doesn't know what to do and ends up yelling at him or us or gets irrational and overly emotional. I'm having a hard time dealing with her like this.

Emily is going to be staying with us for a few nights to keep an eye on him. I want to be able to do more, but having the kids (especially a baby) makes it difficult. I make sure to cook and get Dad something to eat, though, so part of me feels like I'm at least doing something. Mom's debating the possibility of having a swing bed service look after him. I agree that he needs professionals looking after him, but I feel guilty all the same because he's my dad and it's like we're trying to get rid of him. 

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