Thursday, May 4, 2017

Field Trip & Eye Exam

A while back, I joined a homeschool group in the area through Facebook. There have been a lot of weekly opportunities to meet up, but with moving and sharing a car with Zac, the timing was off. I was invited by the group to meet up at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science this morning for a free event to learn about the environment and preserving wildlife habitats. I got the kids up at 7am, brought Zac to work, and headed to the museum.

We were entertained by a group of rangers, singing songs about weeds and habitation. The big kids were so tired this morning, they looked so unenthusiastic for the first half-hour. After meeting Smoky Bear, they perked up a bit and enjoyed the rest of the tours. James' favorite part of the museum was the bug exhibit. He was able to touch a few beetles and a giant (dead) hornet. Leah enjoyed petting the snake, Miss Rose, though she did feel a bit weird about it. I touched it, too, and it was like touching water, but without getting wet. Elias had the most fun with the fish. He pressed his little nose against the glass and willed the fish to be his friend, then poked his bottom lip out and burst into tears when it was time to go "bye bye". It was a nice trip. The big kids found it educational and hopefully, there's another trip in the near future.

We stopped by the nursing home to visit Dad for a few minutes. I woke him up from a nap and he managed to eat a bit. He's so ready to get back home. Mom said he should be discharged on the 10th. 

I brought the kiddos back home to eat lunch, then we headed back out for their eye exams. James needs upgraded lenses since his current glasses are growing blurry and Leah's eyes haven't changed at all, but she only needs hers for reading. Both are getting new frames, though. Elias will need to start getting his eyes checked in about a year. After their appointment, we were just in time to pick Zac up from work and bought a few things from the grocery before finally getting home.

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