Thursday, May 25, 2017

Leah is EIGHT!

My baby girl has turned EIGHT years old! These babies of mine are just getting bigger and bigger. I baked her a rainbow cookie cake, per her request, and she was overjoyed. She, too, got some new socks in Pokemon and Tsum Tsum (such simple requests, I love it).

Mom offered to treat the kids to dinner of their choice, so they picked Ichiban, a Chinese buffet with a huge sushi selection. I got my sushi fix and the kids ate their fill of basically one-of-everything. Much better than China Buffet.

After dinner, we headed to PetsMart. Leah has been asking for a fish for a while, so as her birthday drew nearer, it was all she could talk about. Zac bought the tank and supplies, Leah picked the fish, which she named Albus, and we brought him home. He's got his own Hogwarts castle and Forbidden Forest.

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