Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summerish Random

I keep seeing posts on social media about how summer is here and kids are everywhere. I realize my homeschooled kids have been enjoying their break since April. We haven't been swimming yet, though they've been having fun in the shade of our patio with chalk, as well as jumping on the trampoline. I really want to get them a swing set or at least build something in the backyard for Elias' baby swing to attach to. Or get a pool. Not a big pool, but something they can sit in.

Work has been busy these past few weeks. We're in the middle of the Semi-Annual Sale, so I've been helping in the back room, making sure things are organized and easy to find. I've been paid twice since being hired, but even after applying for direct deposit, the fools in corporate still put my money on the Bath & Body Works employee card (like a credit card, but my own money). That card was tossed out years ago, so I called the corporate number and will be sent a new one in a few days... just so I can cancel it and use my bank account. Bleh.

My computer decided to crap out on me, so Zac replaced two of my hard drives. I was able to save my pictures, though... unlike my old external where so many baby pictures of my bigger two are located, including videos of first steps, first words, and others I've forgotten about by now.

Speaking of replacements, Zac also replaced our kitchen faucet today. So grown up, we are.

It's been pretty uneventful around here. I'm trying to see about ordering this years' school books and trying to get some funds together for a church trip in July for the kids. Busy busy busy. Meanwhile, I'm also trying to find a second vehicle... something in the mini van range. Yikes. More later, promise.

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