Friday, June 16, 2017

Berries and Barf

Over the course of this week, I've been ill. Monday night, my parents came over to dinner. I probably ate more than I should've or faster than I should've and ended up throwing up. No fever, no other symptoms, aside from a horrible headache (caffeine withdrawals).

Tuesday, I was still feeling off. We were to meet up with the homeschool group in Raymond to pick blueberries at Pecan Hills Farms. Zac took the day off to come with us, but I ended up staying in the car to sleep. The kids had a blast. We've still got so many blueberries leftover. I want to make a cobbler or a pie before they go bad. Unfortunately, Zac wasn't able to get any pictures of the kids with their buckets, but his hands were full. 

Today, my Lulu is sick, so I've had no sleep. She's been throwing up most of the night, but has finally been keeping down crackers and water. I hope this is over with. The bathroom and furniture has been disinfected and I've washed so much laundry. Zac helped clean up puke last night and I think we're both sick from anxiety right now. But Leah's comfy, watching movies all day. Meanwhile, I'm taking littlest to the bedroom so we can nap together until Zac gets home or something.

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