Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Church Zoo

Tonight was so cool. Percy King, a local zookeeper, came to the church with a handful of animals. It was quite an experience, especially since he let two small tortoises wander around the fellowship hall without supervision. It was a lot of fun, though. A hedgehog pooped on me after I caught it before it fell from a little girl's hands. Those quills are super sharp, especially when they get startled. The big kids held a variety of animals, all of which they wanted to take home, and I held a giant snake. I guess I'll check that off my bucket list as I've always been terrified of holding/touching snakes, mainly the ones who like to hug. It was so weird. I could feel every muscle ripple through its body. I think it's safe to assume James and Leah are considering future careers in animal care/ownership. Both were just over the moon.

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