Monday, July 3, 2017

Chuck in Chucks.

The original plan was to go to an event called Balloon Glow. Basically, a bunch of balloons are released, all containing glowing lights (glow sticks, I guess?), as well as a hot air balloon release, finished with a fireworks show. It rained, so the event was cancelled, even though we drove out to it with our fingers crossed. Instead, we went to eat dinner at Chuck. E. Cheese's. Elias was just a baby last time we went and he spent most of that time asleep in my wrap. This time, he was so interested in all the lights and noise and fed himself and threw a fit because the car "ride" kept stopping. He also hated Mr. Cheese. As soon as I set him down and stepped back for a picture, he was already at a trot to GTFO. It was a fun evening sans original balloon plans. We did see a few fireworks on the way back home. Elias kept saying "WOW!" over and over. 

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